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GALILEO 3000 travel agency and the special brand goSLOVENIA & AROUND composed as DMC, PCO and incoming agency was founded in 1997. Our head office is in Slovenia, situated in the heart of Europe, close to all Central European and Balkan attractions.

In our innovative agency we pride ourselves on working with all enthusiasm. We operate in the only country in the world which has the word LOVE imbedded in its name, the most powerful word in existence. SLOVENIA. Coincidence? No way! Bordering ITALY, AUSTRIA, HUNGARY and CROATIA, with strong historical connections to Central Europe and also the Balkans (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, SERBIA, MONTENEGRO, MACEDONIA). We have the ideal opportunity to organise tours presenting stunning landscapes, architecture, history, languages, traditions and tastes in a region with a mysterious and interesting past, present and future.

We have formed close relationships with a multitude of international tour operators and domestic travel suppliers who have worked with us closely in improving and maintaining the high level of quality in our travel products over the years. By applying our guidelines for quality, value, integrity and efficiency we believe we have been able to standardize the same uncompromising level of services regardless of the destination our customers may come from. Whenever you see the name goSLOVENIA & AROUND - rest assured that the travel arrangements are handled by the best in the business!

To make a long story short. We are a tour operator specialized in group tours and we offer tailor made programms according to your clients' preferences in countries we mentioned before. We organise historical tours, wine tours, culinary tours, cultural tours, or special incentive programs.

Travel with the taste of excelency, travel with LOVE - from SLOVENIA.

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Miran Bende



Since 1997.

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